Big Things are Happening for the The Fez

Published May 20th 2015
Stamford’s Spice Route Restaurant and Live Music Locale
Prepares for a Renovation Shut-Down and a Mid-Summer Re-Opening Celebration 

May 21, 2015, Downtown Stamford, CT:  It was 2010 when The Fez introduced its Moroccan inspired menu, eclectic wine offerings,  underground vibe and a steady stream of diverse musicians to Stamford’s thriving and “under construction” downtown neighborhood. Five years later, Stamford is still under construction, and The Fez remains a destination for people seeking a more multi-sensory dining and social experience.  On May 31st at 11:59 PM The Fez will bid adieu – but only for a 6-week renovation process which is going to make The Fez all the more Fezzier.
“Our unconventional space has served us well, “says Eric Monte, creator and operator of The Fez, “This makeover will allow us to better showcase everything that The Fez embodies; great food and drink and the ability to entertain people. But don’t get me wrong.  The “bling” stays.”
Patrons can look forward to more of The Fez’s vibrant Moroccan / Mediterranean cuisine which takes it cues from The Spice Route, the name given to the network of sea routes where fragrant spices were traded from the west coast of Japan, through the islands of Indonesia, India, the Middle East, and across the Mediterranean to Europe. Favorite dishes include; crisped chick peas and okra; sag and feta rolls with kalamata olives; land, sea and veggie kabobs; falafel salad with tahini and avjar; chicken lollypops with roasted garlic and tamarind yogurt; grilled scallops with whipped hummus and preserved lemon; meatball tagine in Moroccan spiced tomato sauce; slow braised lamb shank with curried basmati rice and chick pea vinaigrette; and charmoula swordfish with saffron couscous, cracked green olives and fennel salad.
“The wine list will continue to evolve and we’re already crafting an extended beverage program which will highlight our popular seasonal spirit infusions and lend itself to even more food pairings,” promises Eric.
The Fez’s unconventional approach to its organically grown music scene is a product of Eric’s music biz background. The talent line-up is a combination of young up and coming acts, established traveling musicians, and local favorites. From a KISS revival band to a 3-piece jazz ensemble from New York’s Oak Room, Eric’s knack for pushing the envelope is just as evident in his musical dexterity as it is with The Fez’s distinctive food and drink style.

Closing week festivities are in the works and renovation updates will be posted to The Fez’s facebook page.
Look for a refreshed brand created by Jeremy Staub of Box 8 Creative and a new-fangled web site, in addition to Family Fez events and appearances throughout the renovation process.