Greenwich Girl Plans Print Version, Branded Events, and Geographical Expansion for 2017

Published January 29th 2017

Greenwich Girl Brand Continues to Evolve

January 30, 2017, Greenwich, CT: 2017 marks exciting company growth for Greenwich native Laura McKittrick, founder of the popular luxury lifestyle digital brand and magazine Greenwich Girl (GG), as she plans to introduce the first full color, glossy printed version of GG Magazine.  In just five short years, McKittrick has built her luxury lifestyle brand organically, starting as a blog, and ultimately transitioning into an all-encompassing online magazine with a multi-faceted social media presence and a growing subscriber base- averaging a digital monthly reach of over 300,000 fans.
“As the GG’s popularity and reach continue to grow, the print magazine is a natural extension of the brand and another platform to introduce the brand to those who may not be aware of it,” says Laura.  “The goal is to reach a broader audience, provide advertisers with an additional outlet to connect with consumers, and utilize the print and digital platforms to each other’s advantage.”
As a business, GG is excited to be growing internally, adding 3 full-time employees to the operation, in addition to forming strategic partnerships with like-minded brands.  GG will be the official media sponsor for the prestigious Greenwich Boat Show held in April, another first for the company and a sign of its continued development.  Also on tap are plans to launch the first annual GG event, the "Give Back Gala," a celebration that will give back to select local charities. Expansion throughout Fairfield County and Westchester, NY communities is in the works for 2017, as well as plans to introduce the GG brand to key high profile cities nationwide, and even several island destinations where many of GG’s fashion photo shoots have taken place throughout the years.
 When asked about the success of the Greenwich Girl brand, Laura attributes it to the well thought out curation of content that her audience craves, combined with her personal delivery.  Laura herself graces the covers of the magazine, illustrating seasonal and timely topics, further connecting with her audience and inviting them along for the ride.
“Our readers, primarily women between the ages of 30-50, enjoy seeing the luxury lifestyle through the perspective of a ‘Greenwich Girl’. The magazine is not meant to be all things Greenwich, but rather, a resource for where to find the quality and style of luxury lifestyle brands which resembles that of what Greenwich offers wherever they go,” explains Laura, “Tapping into that age range and having my voice carry over into the delivery of content is absolutely what separates GG from other publications - its personal, relatable level, as well as a business level in terms of what advertisers it attracts and what impact it has."
Laura started the company in her late twenties and believes that her persistence and personal growth have largely contributed to the rapid progress of the GG brand.
"Now that I am in my thirties, my priorities have shifted a bit in my personal life.  Such growth has definitely been reflected in the demographic and interests of our audience. This simultaneous progression, both personally and with the brand, has continued to elevate the quality and sophistication of the many facets that GG is comprised of.  As we all evolve, so will the Greenwich Girl brand.”
Greenwich Girl Magazine, which debuted in April of 2012, is a premiere digital (and now print) platform which delivers a luxury lifestyle experience to its audience. Told through stunning photography, interesting editorial, talented designers, entrepreneurial women, and its founder Laura McKittrick, Greenwich Girl connects with its readers by presenting content in a personal, thoughtful, and energetic style that’s all its own. Utilizing digital and print, social and in-person platforms, Greenwich Girl encompasses the desired lifestyle of today’s modern woman. Circ 300,000+ 02/01/2017

Photography by Scott Goldberg and Styling by Kendra Parker