Historic Fairfield Theater Marks Its Centennial Anniversary by Making History

Published May 27th 2019

Beloved Fairfield Community Theater to Undergo Major Transformation
Kleban Properties Announces Multi-Million Dollar Passion Project
In Conjunction with Sacred Heart University
May 28, 2019, Fairfield, CT: It’s official! Kleban Properties, LLC is thrilled to share the news of its pending acquisition and renovation of the historic Fairfield Community Theater building. The effort, over a decade in the making, has been in working towards the transformation and rebirth of this iconic theater and finding the best organization to spearhead its operations. Kleban Properties announced today that the theater will re-open as the “Sacred Heart University Community Theater”.
The original theater was designed by architect Oreste C.S. Ziroli and constructed at the turn of the 20th century, first operating in 1920 as a vaudeville house. Still intact today, albeit in need of significant repairs and upgrades, are its proscenium arch and art deco marquee.  Additional Class-A office spaces will also be included in the overall renovation of this 22,000 square foot structure. What could be more fitting than to ensure the theater's rebirth on its operating centennial?
“We welcome the association with Sacred Heart University, a leading national academic institution, “states Al Kleban, a Fairfield resident who holds fond memories of enjoying the theater as a child and bringing his children there throughout the years, “My family sees no more fitting rebirth of this beloved theater than to see it thrive under the direction of the university, as it continues to support the performing arts and provide the community with entertainment and events in this significant venue for years to come.”
The ambitious project continues to evolve. Kleban Properties will be looking to the town of Fairfield for assistance in various forms in order to ensure that this exciting opportunity becomes a reality.  “We are absolutely delighted.  I can’t think of a better community partner than Kleban Properties who has a well-earned reputation for exceptional quality and delivering results, “says Mark Barnhart, Director of Economic Development for the town of Fairfield.
 “I am thrilled that the Community Theater, which has long been an iconic landmark in our Town filled with special memories for so many of us, will finally be re-opened, adds First Selectman Mike Tetreau, “Thank you to Kleban Properties and Sacred Heart University for saving this historic gem which will add to the vibrancy of our downtown and help Fairfield’s arts and cultural scene continue to flourish.”
Looking to the future of the theater and furthering reinforcing its significance within the town, the community’s support through personal gifts will “Light the Marquee” and solidify a permanent place in the theater’s history. While gifts are not tax deductible, 100% of the funds contributed will go towards the purchase of the theater chairs, staging, lighting, and amenities.
  • $2500+ - individual/family name theater seat plaque
  • $1000+ - individual/family name engraved brick in the benefactor’s garden in front of the theater
  • $200+ – Commemorative t-shirt
This Tuesday, May 28, at 10 AM in the front of the Fairfield Community Theater (1410 Post Road), join Fairfield City Officials, Sacred Heard University Leaders, and Kleban Properties, LLC for an exciting and informative press conference as plans for the theater are announced and opportunities for the community to be a part of history are shared.