Lord of the Pies Brings Detroit Style Pizza to Greenwich, CT

Published March 4th 2019

6-Time World Pizza Champion Bruno DiFabio Continues to
Celebrate Pizza Styles from Around the World and Across the Country

March 4, 2019, Greenwich, CT: Having studied pizza making from Italy to San Francisco, and upon consulting on his first pizzeria in Detroit called “Mootz” this past January, 6-Time World Pizza Champion and Restaurateur Bruno DiFabio has opened Lord of the Pies, an exciting new concept in Greenwich, CT. The name is a nod to Bruno’s reputation within the pizza world and his knowledge of pizza science, dough, and the art of pizza making throughout the world.
Lord of the Pies features traditional New York style round pies that start with aged flour and a longer fermentation process, which gives the pizza a superior flavor profile. The crust is baked at 550 degrees in a gas-fired, flat top brick oven that is handcrafted in the USA. The final product has a light and crispy texture, while at the same time, has a substantial chew to it. 
In addition, Lord of the Pies is excited to offer a Detroit style pizza, a triple fermented dough process, twice-baked, steel pan pizza with a caramelized Asiago cheese crust which is light, airy, and crispy. Only a limited amounted of these pies are prepared daily due to the lengthy process.
 “It’s worth the time and effort, “says DiFabio of the method which includes starting with a biga ‘mother’ dough and a 3-day fermentation process, “Not only does this allow for an incredible flavor profile, but because we allow the yeast to live in the dough for a long period of time, it breaks down complex starches in the flour which is something your stomach would have to do. Hence, our pizza is far more digestible.” Because of the extensive fermentation method, DiFabio has had great success in satisfying people with gluten intolerance. “The result is a crunchy, yet soft and supple pizza.”


Lord of the Pies uses whole milk mozzarella from Brownsville, Wisconsin, that has earned a five-star rating from the National Dairy Council and is harvested daily. It's the best, most flavorful cheese on the market. The tomato sauce is made from vine-ripened tomatoes that are grown in Modesto, California and picked, packaged, and sealed in a can within three hours, which guarantees high-quality, fresh sauce without any citric acid or preservatives.  The same attention to quality ingredients and preparations is found throughout the menu, which includes Italian favorites, fresh salads, pasta dishes, hero sandwiches, and more.
Pizza specialties include: Nuts & Bolts, the Detroit pie with hot salami, pepperoni, tomatoes, caramelized onion, green cocktail olives, pinched sausage, and red sauce; Pitt Master, NY gastro style with pulled pork, bacon, spring onion, mozzarella, homemade BBQ sauce, and pickled red onion; and a classic thick, light, airy crust Sicilian Slice made with double fermented dough, NYC pizza sauce, and whole milk mozzarella.

Located at 1 Grigg Street on the corner of a bustling Greenwich Avenue, Lord of the Pies is a striking space replete with exposed brick walls, large farmhouse communal tables, and eclectic artwork of pop culture icons and images paying homage to everyone’s favorite food – pizza!

Open 7 days, eat-in, delivery, take-out, and catered events
1 Grigg Street, Greenwich, CT 06830
www.lotpgreenwich.com, @lordofthepies