Thanksgiving Tradition Deeply Rooted in a Sustainable Food Culture

Published November 3rd 2015
Thanksgiving Tradition Deeply Rooted in a Sustainable Food Culture
Mike’s Organic Delivery Prepares and Delivers Locally Sourced,
Fresh Pasture Raised Turkeys and Homemade Side Dishes
Throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties
November 1, 2015, Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY: In 2009 Mike’s Organic Delivery began sharing organic, seasonal,  ethically and sustainably produced meats, poultry, dairy and produce with consumers who were interested in supporting  the local economy, protecting the environment, conserving fuel, and ultimately, eating well. Today, founder Michael Geller, a former ad man turned sustainable food advocate, continues to provide a farm-to-home delivery service, ensuring fresher, healthier and tastier food delivered to the consumer’s  doorstep.
Both, our sustainable food culture and Mike’s Organic Delivery continue to grow. Education and availability of these locally sourced foods is the key to nourishing our families and our communities. Mike’s Organic Delivery, which began with 5 local farm partners, now works with 25+ farmers and artisans, expanding its offerings and ultimately becoming the main food resource to homes throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties. The process for receiving these seasonal, just-picked weekly deliveries and becoming a supporter of our sustainable food movement can be viewed here:
“One of the highlights of the year for us is delivering Thanksgiving meals!” beams Mike, “To bring people their holiday feast is such a wonderful treat for us!” he says of himself and his enthusiastic team.  
Pasture raised, antibiotic and hormone free turkeys ($8.50 lb), which Mike describes as being “raised happy and healthy”, are delivered Monday, November 23 thru Wednesday, November 25. These turkeys are hearty with white meat, with a clean and mild flavor, and will cook up to 5 minutes faster per pound than a store bought turkey which is pumped up on hormones.
In addition to the best tasting turkey ever, a variety of everyone’s favorite side dishes, including Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, whipped sweet potatoes, turkey gravy, local stuffing, cranberry sauce, and apple crisp for dessert, are prepared by the Mike’s Organic team using all local, organic ingredients.
“The side dishes started from very humble beginnings,” says Mike, “just mashed potatoes and gravy which were prepared by myself and a local chef friend. Over the years the variety and the demand have grown by leaps and bounds! Now it’s all hands on deck – the entire Mike’s Organic team and more chefs in the kitchen.”
The side dishes stem from family recipes that have been passed down, tweaked, and then passed down again.  Mike keeps these recipes simple, letting the freshness of the ingredients do most of the work.
The 500 pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes, 400 pounds of sweet potatoes, 600 pounds of apples, 200 pounds of cranberry sauce, 50 pounds of carrots, 50 pounds of celery, and 100 pounds of onions come from Mike’s Organic Delivery’s local Connecticut and New York farm partners. Thanksgiving marks the bulk of our local farming coming to an end, while the celebration just begins; the success of a lush and fruitful farming season and now bringing friends and family together over a Thanksgiving feast that beautifully illustrates our sustainable food culture.

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