The New England Culinary Group Celebrates Its 5-Year Anniversary with A New Multifaceted Web Site and Engagement Platform for Restaurateurs

Published February 8th 2016
February 8, 2016, Fairfield County, CT: In 2011 The New England Culinary Group (NECG) was formed. Its mission was a simple one; to assemble an array of talented service providers and vendors who specialize in providing restaurants with the necessary products, services, and guidance to create, open, and operate a successful business. A networking group at its core, NECG continues to act as a major support arm for the hospitality industry throughout the greater Connecticut/New York area.
Co-founders Jeremy Staub, president of Box Brand Studio in New Haven, and Linda Kavanagh, the owner of MaxEx Public Relations, LLC based in Stamford, created NECG as a way for service providers to not only stay connected to one another, but as a way to keep their finger on the pulse of an always evolving industry.
“With so much incorrect information always swirling about out there about our industry, NECG serves as a great resource for getting to the root of it all – and to the right people,” says Kavanagh, a former chef herself, “Networking with the people who are on the frontline and also in the back of the house making things happen for these restaurants, is vital to our own businesses and credibility within the industry.”
​NECG members are chosen through referrals from other members and proven first-rate performances. NECG operates as a 501 (c)(6) professional organization, meeting regularly, providing leads, as well as support in obtaining optimal client contact, closed business, and on-going relationships. The goal of NECG is to be recognized as a leading resource for the restaurant industry.
“Everybody from the wine distributor and food purveyor, the insurance provider and credit processor, to the kitchen equipment supplier and social media expert – NECG is comprised of front and back of the house experts” says NECG acting president and restaurant consultant Mark Moeller of The Recipe of Success, “What makes this organization unique is the passion and talent that only such a specialized network can have.”
The new NECG web site, created by Box 8 Brand Studio, provides restaurateurs with a strong network of service providers who are committed to providing the best products and services possible. Each facet of a client’s business is carefully evaluated, executed and maintained according to the NECG’s code of ethics. NECG’s genuine dedication to the hospitality industry and respect for its operators is always at the forefront.
The NECG web site consists of NECG member profile pages and contact information, as well as industry news, NECG produced special events, and NECG’s very own, From Dirt to Digital CRITICAL PATH, an invaluable tool for first-time restaurant owners and seasoned restaurateurs looking to better manage their operation. An on-going seminar series is on tap and will cover such topics as operations, concept development, architecture and design, payroll and insurance, changing industry laws, accounting, and even marketing and public relations.