The SoNo Collection Offers Digital Self-Guided Art Tours

Published May 24th 2024

18 Artists. 3K Steps. Limitless Inspo.

May 24, 2024, Norwalk, CT: The Sono Collection, Norwalk's premier retail, lifestyle, and event space, invites shoppers, guests, and art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in modern art. The Art Walk is a self-guided tour through a digital platform that you log into on your cell phone. The platform provides step-by-step directions, navigating “tourists” throughout the property, and explores the artists and their thoughts behind each colorful, immersive, and thought-provoking installation that continues to capture the imagination and inspire Instagrammable moments for visitors of all ages.
The SoNo Collection, a Brookfield Properties development, has taken the “mall” experience to a whole new level with the addition of massive art installations that can be experienced throughout the property’s indoor and outdoor spaces. Large-scale, multi-medium, vibrant works of art from local, national, and international talent continue to frame this South Norwalk destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment.
Current artists include:
  • Connecticut painter/muralist Duvian Montoya’s artwork captures moments in our everyday life.
  • Chicago-based muralist Kate Lewis is known for using bold colors and hidden messages. 
  • Brazilian visual artist, muralist, illustrator, and designer Alex Ferror captures the whimsical universe of children’s imaginations.
  • Chicago-based artist Matthew Hoffman’s interactive public art installations promote positivity.
  • Cat Coquillette is a world-traveling artist whose bright pops of color, vibrant typography, and trendy motifs can be found on retail lifestyle brands from home décor to accessories.
  • New York artist Jen Lewin is an internationally renowned new media and interactive sculptor whose playful sculptures exist where art, technology, and communications intersect.
  • Chicago-based artist, illustrator, and designer Drew Clay records dreams through drawing, carving, painting, and sculpture.
  • Hudson Valley New York artists Aaron Hauck and Samantha French, both Minneapolis College of Art and Design graduates, capture eclectic modern depictions of life in action. 
  • Las Vegas artistic couple Brian and Jennifer Henry fill unique spaces throughout the country with their 3-D and conceptual pieces.
  • Brooklyn-based artist Eric “Efdot” Friedensohn champions an abstract-meets-figurative style, most notably illustrated through his “Blob” character.
  • Milwaukee-based Emma Daisy Gertel is known for her vibrant use of color in painting plants and girls that reflect beauty and inspire possibility.
  • New York artist Natasha May brings femininity to art and life through her bold floral designs.
  • California artist Jillian Evelyn’s paintings combine the contorted female figure with graphic shapes and a limited color palette.
  • Indiana-based artist Cooper, part of an emerging generation of contemporary artists, brightens the average storyline through pops of color, positivity, and energy.
  • Norwalk’s most prominent and prolific artist, 5iveFingaz’s work, aims to shift the paradigm from hate/bigotry to love/acceptance. 

The SoNo Collection 
100 North Water Street, Norwalk, CT 06854