A Spirited Conversation

A Spirited Conversation
Shakin’ and Stirrin’ Things Up In Norwalk, Connecticut
Imbibing with Norwalk Now
There’s no denying the vibrant food and drink scene found throughout Norwalk’s thriving urban core. A robust and diverse collection of social gathering places are filled with fearless restaurateurs, dynamic chefs, and a slick cocktail culture punctuated with savvy mix-masters. Social media has taken hold of the visual appeal of a cocktail, while enthusiasts continue to embrace the many flavor nuances, the history, and social aspect of a well-crafted drink. 

“Really, what a cocktail should be is a celebration of the spirit,” asserts Sean Nye, the Beverage Director of The Spread and El Segundo, two clearly defined restaurant and bar establishments in historic South Norwalk. Nye, whose years of experience in the biz goes beyond a shaker and a fancy garnish,  uses his knowledge of the (best) raw materials and their flavor profiles to create the restaurants’ globally inspired cocktail programs.
“In order for a truly “crafted” cocktail to work, and knowing full well that a decent spirit should be able to be drunk alone, layering other ingredients within a cocktail without losing the integrity of the spirit is the ultimate goal.”