We Are Norwalk Now–How we are getting through Covid-19 together

We Are Norwalk Now–How we are getting through Covid-19 together

Spring is upon us, nourishing us with sunshine, rain, longer days, fragrant green grass, and those purple crocus flowers that have an uncanny way of popping up in the most obscure places. This time of year is typically filled with a sense of rejuvenation, positive vibes, and the anticipation of Norwalk’s peak seasons filled with an abundance of social activity.

Alas, I am confronted with a blank page to communicate all these fantastic things Norwalk has on tap in the coming months, but I am challenged with doing so as Covid-19 has taken us all by surprise. in addition to the pandemic itself and the politics involved on every level, including the economic repercussions, on a local level, we are navigating our way through social distancing while coming together as a community. As I write this, I do not know what’s next. I do not have an event to pro-mote, nor do I have any dates to share as to when changes will take place. But I do know that Norwalk is fierce and resilient. Our roots run deep as a fishermen’s harbor. our history shows us emerging from fires and floods.

Today, Norwalk continues to evolve. The Norwalk Now brand is built upon “a city on the move.” When Covid-19 became a worldwide reality, ultimately hitting our home, Norwalk dug its heels in and got to work. Thank you to our leadership. Communications from Mayor Harry Rilling, Norwalk’s city government departments, the Norwalk parking Authority, Norwalk public Schools, and our local agencies are consistent and pro-active, providing residents and businesses with on-going updates, resources, and support systems. And to our first responders for keeping us safe, your presence is always an uplifting one. We are blessed to have Norwalk Hospital/Nuvance Health and AFC urgent Care Norwalk in our community.