Since forming MaxEx Public Relations, LLC in 1997, we have been dedicated to promoting an industry we hold so dear. Chefs and restaurateurs, as well as hotel conglomerates and high-end consumer products, have chosen MaxEx, a boutique public relations firm, to present their brands to the media, and to the consumer.


GiftFly for Restaurants - Total No-Brainer for Business Owners and Consumers

No More Lost, Forgotten or Unappreciated Gift Cards

New Virtual Gift Card Offers Real-time Benefits to Both Merchants and Consumers

Gift cards are a $100 billion-dollar industry. Yet, even with their proven popularity, it’s a flawed industry. Up to 60% of gift cards go unused each year equating to merchandising opportunities lost. GiftFly is a new social and mobile online gift card service providing a long-awaited alternative to those antiquated plastic gift cards.

Merchants need do nothing more than sign-up and download the GiftFly mobile app available in the iTunes App Store. Plastic cards and expensive upfront fees are replaced by a completely free app that lets employees scan codes, check the sales history of gift cards and even collects customers’ emails, maximizing their social media and email marketing reach.

Consumers simply visit the GiftFly web site, choose a friend on Facebook or via email or text and design their personalized gift card with any amount of money. Two types of cards are available; the Cash card, which can be deposited directly into their PayPal or bank account instantly; or the Merchant card, which can be chosen through the built-in Yelp search tool and easily redeem at a participating local shop by showing the GiftFly Code to the merchant.  Or, send a cash card and use the Yelp search tool to recommend even a non-GiftFly registered business.

MERCHANTS – Let’s get you signed on to GiftFly!

CONSUMERS – Start sending your gift cards today!


SKAL Restaurant Group Assumes Management Role at Westport’s POST 154 Restaurant

July 8, 2014, Westport, CT: The Kelly Family, the owners of Westport’s POST 154 restaurant, is thrilled to announce a new partnership between POST 154 and SKAL Restaurant Group. Led by Owner Christian Burns, SKAL Restaurant Group is now spearheading the operations side for POST 154, further managing and enhancing the area’s most exciting new restaurant and gathering space housed in the historic Westport Post Office Building.

Read the full press release here

Linda Kavanagh Featured in Stamford Plus Magazine

So, how does one get drawn into this crazy business of ours? Find out here in the pages of STAMFORD PLUS MAGAZINE.

Linda takes you on a journey through her culinary roots, life in the restaurant business, and finally, as the owner of MaxEx Public Relations.

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