“Besides your mother, nobody wants to see you succeed more than your publicist!”
Linda Kavanagh, Founder, MaxEx Public Relations, LLC 

MaxEx clients are not just a name on a roster or a mass-pitched brand to a random database of media outlets.  We keep our client roster manageable as we believe in personal attention, brand immersion, and working with our clients to not only leverage their brand and tell their story but to also provide insight and guidance on how to remain relevant within the ever-changing hospitality industry for the long term.
As former hospitality professionals, with both front and back of house experience, MaxEx understands this industry’s challenges and wants nothing more than to see it recognized and thrive. We have a passion for the culinary arts, tourism, luxury lifestyle and design, which drives us to stay current with the latest trends and influencers and keeps us always looking ahead. We guide our clients with staying true to their concept while carving out their niche and laying down a strong foundation from which to grow.
Our PR campaigns are designed to extend beyond traditional media relations. We believe there are many facets to a promotional strategy including; connecting with consumers, the strongest influencers; communicating with the media, the essential voice box; and reinforcing the brand, an on-going necessity.
We handle all aspects of launching to the marketplace as well as repositioning and brand development. From imagery and press kit development, target marketing and messaging, to external and internal events and strategic partnerships, we continually initiate and pursue opportunities that will garner attention in numerous forms on behalf of our clients.
No longer an added component, social media works in tandem with all aspects of a robust marketing and PR campaign. Social media campaigns are managed daily and are designed to function on all platforms. Comprehensive, visually appealing, properly tagged and linked, and broad reach social media programs are essential within today’s PR practices.


With a passion for food and drink and a strong understanding of the complexities of operating a successful restaurant, Box 8 Brand Studio continues to be at the forefront of brand identity for the hospitality industry, with over 25 restaurant marquees in operation to date. From logo designs and colors, signage, and printed materials, to websites and social and digital applications, Box 8 continues to create hip, cutting-edge, memorable brands for some of the most successful restaurant groups in the region.

Sandro de Carvalho is a Connecticut based photographer specializing in food photography. Sandro is a passionate storyteller with a strong eye for detail and a keen sense of light, color, and contrast, a must when capturing the personality of a restaurant and its food and beverage offerings. He is a member of and insured by the Professional Photographers Association of America.