An Out Of Earth Experience

Published May 4th 2015
VENU Magazine: Connecticut Grown and Nationally Embraced, Consumers Connect with the Hands that Feed Them

“Retro dining,” is what my dinner companion and cynical chef labeled the farm-to-table restaurant we were dining at, “Really, we’re right back where we started. This was all we knew when we were spry culinary grads sweating it out behind a hot and steamy kitchen line, “he continues to reminisce and vent. “Of course the produce came from local farms. Heck, Chef would butcher livestock alongside the farm handler and bring the meats to the restaurant each week.  And now there’s a name for this?”
So, does today’s local food phenomenon mean we are we back to the sustainable food practices that so many chefs unknowingly applied back in the day? In dining, is what’s old new again? Call it what you will; farm-to-table and the like, because in the end, food is grown, raised and consumed – how we obtain it, now that’s a different story.

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